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Dream Beaver

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Dream Beaver was bred by Bodhi Seeds. This strain is sativa-leaning cannabis that mixes Dirty Hippy that is an Afghooey-Blockhead hybrid with Appalachia. This delighting cannabis subdues flavors of an herbal journey and provides a tender buzz that grants you remain active, productive, and communicative.

This sativa is an excellent option for unleashing giggling fits and artistic sparkles on those moments when your mode and motivation could use a lift.

Flavor and Effects of Dream Beaver 

A few puffs of this strain’s smoke exhibit its concentrated earthy and woody qualities to the mouth. It is slightly sweet due to the carriage of a floral undertone but is, overall, spicy, particularly on the exhale. With massive doses, you may even want to take a seat. Still, taking couch-locked is unlikely. Dream Beaver offers for a flawless daytime smoke. It’s most reliable before or during gatherings and other related types of social functions.

Medical Benefits of Dream Beaver

This strain has immense therapeutic potential due to its potency. The predominantly Sativa strain is a reservoir of pleasure to many users experiencing from depression and other cerebral ailments with a depressive element such as PTSD.

Negative Effects of Dream Beaver 

This strain can give some feelings of dizziness and slightly anxious. Although, users should also be careful of casually consuming too much of Dream Beaver. It is also beneficial to grab a drink in hand while using cannabis as it tends to dry the eyes and the mouth.

Growing Dream Beaver

Dream Beaver, like several different Sativa-dominant strains, prefers the warm, sunny climate of many tropical regions. Hence, climate and area are two critical aspects of its growth. This is not to say that the strain will not flourish in colder countries. Rather, it may not flower as soon or be as fruitful.