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Double Mint

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Produced by Natural Genetics Seeds, Double Mint is a cross between SinMint Cookies and Mint Chocolate Chip strains. It gives off an aroma that is very sweet and minty. An earthy nutty overtone that’s slightly pungent is revealed as the nugs are burned. This bud has fluffy long forest green nugs with rich amber hairs and a dusting of chunky amber crystal trichomes. It has generous resin production, making it a perfect strain for extraction.

Flavor and Effects of Double Mint

Double Mint is a blended taste of sweet mint and nutty cookies.

Indica leaning, it is mellow cerebral and potent body high brings euphoria, energy, happiness, giggles, sociability and total body relaxation that entices you to sleep. It is recommended to be used in the evening or nighttime.

Medical Benefits of Double Mint

Medically speaking, Double Mint is an effective treatment for those people who suffer from pain, depression, fatigue, insomnia, and stress. It possesses therapeutic properties such as it is an analgesic, anxiolytic, anti-depressant, stimulant, and relaxant.

Negative Effects of Double Mint.

Just like any other marijuana strain, Double Mint present with side effects such as cottonmouth and dry, itchy eyes. To remedy this, hydration is the key. Drink lots of fluids to lessen the reactions. Use an eye moisturizer to soothe those irritated eyes.

Anxiety, dizzy spells, and worse, paranoia may occur in rare cases. This is due to overconsumption, so go slow with the doses, especially if you are a beginner. Don’t worry, this is temporary and goes away after some time.

Growing Double Mint

Seeds of Double Mint can be purchased through Natural Genetics’ website. This plant grows both indoors and outdoors. It loves a hot, Mediterranean-like climate. Appearance-wise, it has a squat, bushy silhouette. Pruning of their broad, light-blocking fan leaves is recommended.

Indoors, harvest comes after 7 to 8 weeks. A moderate yield of about 41 grams (or 1.5 ounces) of flower per square foot of the plant is expected.