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Doctor Doctor

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Doctor Doctor was produced by Vodis USA. This strain is a sativa-leaning phenotype of the landrace Malawi. Famous cannabis with its impressive medicinal ratio compound. Doctor Doctor presents influential wellness driven effects that settle several ailments that truly implies its name. 

Overall, this strain is an excellent option for users seeking a soft, delicious smoke with the potential to handle both physical and mental stresses.

Flavor and Effects of Doctor Doctor 

This strain has a moderate citrus berry taste with a luscious fruity exhale. The odor is very earthy, with a scent of sweet berries. The Doctor Doctor high is very fine in every session, with subtle elevated forces that settle essentially in mind. You will feel an improvement in focus and creativity that is charming and relaxing in essence.

Medical Benefits of Doctor Doctor

With these mellow effects and its fairly low THC content, this strain is the classic highly therapeutic cannabis for handling a wide category of infirmities, including inflammation, nausea or poor appetite, constant stress, and paranoia.

Negative Effects of Doctor Doctor 

It is widely common to everyone that marijuana use can influence some adverse reactions. For instance, the most typical ones are experiencing dry mouth and eyes. These side effects are so gentle that it is so hard to notice.

Growing Doctor Doctor

Indoor or outdoor cultivation is possible for growing this strain. Either way, this cannabis plant is extremely flexible to the Sea of Green (SOG) training method and significantly affects its development. Applying hydroponics issues a greater yield.