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Deep Purple

The Deep Purple hybrid has an Afghani descent which makes this strain and its other crossbreeds resistant to any weather season. Growers of this hybrid nicknamed it €œgodsent€ because of its recreational and medicinal potent which it offers to cannabis lovers. This strain took its Sativa origin from Purple panty Dropper.

This hybrid was created by cross-breeding an indica dominant hybrid Mendocino Purps-descended and Purple Urkle with fruity indica Querkle. It has a uniform buds structure with pink and green flowers. It has a berry aroma with creamy smoke which gives a sharp, energetic, and scintillating effect like never before. However, this hybrid has less sedating effects when compared to other hybrids. It has a high terpene profile.

Flavor and Effects of Deep Purple

The Deep Purple strain has an earthy, sweet, nutty, blueberry, diesel, and skunk flavor. This hybrid will leave you hyper for up to 5 hours after your last exhale. The combustion of this hybrid will give a creamy smoke which will leave you relaxed, uplifted and euphoric.

This strain also helps in improving the energy needed for creativity and production. Whether vaped or smoked, this hybrid should be consumed with precaution as it has effects on the body. Other effects to expect from this hybrid is happy and agility.

Medical Benefits of the Deep Purple

The Deep Purple is very effective in the management of chronic pain and anxiety. This strain is also used by people who suffer from mild to moderate depression, vomiting, nausea, and stress. It also has a soothing effect on the body which helps to minimize the attack of insomnia for deep and relaxed sleep.

Negative Effects of Deep Purple

The Deep Purple strain can cause the following: headache, dry itchy eyes, paranoia, dry mouth, fever, high blood, restlessness, and dizziness due to its THC content.

Growing Deep Purple

The Deep Purple strain grows very fast and its planting method is difficult. The indoor method of cultivation is used to grow this strain. However, this strain also can be planted outdoors. For the best growth of Deep Purple strain, good lighting, normal humidity, and soil pH are required. Watering should be done at least five times a week to make sure that the soil is not too hard to dry. Proper attention should be given to checkmate the attacks of pests and other animals which reduce the maximum yield of this strain.

Fertilizer may be applied to enhance the maximum growth and yield of this strain. For the first time grower of the Deep Purple strain, it is advisable to consult those who have planted the strain in the past for assistance.

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Excelent (9.5)

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