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Damn Sour

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A product of Greenhouse Seeds, Damn Sour is a Sativa dominant strain that descends from the lineage of Sage N Sour. This strain is for strong daytime smoke allowing users both concentration and mind stimulation. Naturally big in nature, its flowers show indica features and it showcases large nuggets with bright and inward leaves. Damn Sour is suitable for many consumers who wanted to have a great daylight experience of cannabis. 

Flavor and Effects of Damn Sour 

Damn Sour has strong and bold flavors of the combination of earthy, citrus, and chemical like. Consuming Damn Sour gives you a euphoric effect uplifting your spirit and vitality. It also improves creativity enabling you to come up with different ideas and interests. 

Medical Benefits of Damn Sour 

Damn Sour helps patients suffering from chronic pain, spasms, and fatigue. Nausea and headaches were also part of the expertise of Damn Sour. In addition, people with gastrointestinal problems may also use Damn Sour as it can help cure this illness. 

Negative Effects of Damn Sour. 

Because it has a high THC level, Damn Sour is not recommended with people who have a lower tolerance of THC. This strain might cause paranoia and anxiety it taken more than moderation. 

Growing Damn Sour Some information and Tips

Damn Sours thrive both outdoor and indoor growing. What needs the most is warm weather like in the Mediterranean. This marijuana is a tall and branchy plant and growers should be mindful about it. Trimming is highly needed for indoor growing so monitoring is a must.