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Crystal Coma

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Crystal Coma is a strain in the cannabis world that surprises consumers in many ways. THC-rich cannabis, Crystal Coma has a quiet fullness of potency despite its simple family lineage strains. The skunky and cheesy aroma of this strain came from its parents’ strain: Cheese and Skunk.  

Giving off a clean and crisp nature, Crystal Coma has been one of the favorites of many cannabis experts. Having big and firm buds, this weed plant shows a typical structure of an indica dominant strain. Upon seeing the growing weed, anyone would say how rich its trichomes are. In fact, its crystalline trichomes cover the outer and inner face of the buds making it laborious to open through the hand.

Flavor and Effects of Crystal Coma 

Crystal Coma comes in many flavors. Because of its genetic lineage, this cannabis appears to have a combination of lemon and diesel with cheesy and sweet essences. Since Crystal Coma is rich in THC, its euphoric effect gives way to an energizing and happy spirit for the consumer. 

Medical Benefits of Crystal Combat

This cannabis strain can help patients with headaches, chronic pain, nausea, and PMS. It is also a good antidote for depression and stress as it gives a happy feeling.  Crystal Combat can also cure your loss of appetite. 

Negative Effects of Crystal Combat. 

Dizziness and cottonmouth are the adverse effects of consumption with Crystal Combat. 

Growing Crystal Combat Some information and Tips

You may cultivate Crystal Combat either indoor or outdoor.  For outdoor, the requirement is a climate with lower humidity. The weed plant may grow branchy so growers are suggested to trim regularly. With enough care, Crystal Combat may give you a bountiful yield during harvest season.