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Crumbled Lime

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A product of Karma Genetics, Crumbled Lime is the result of combining Biker Kush and Citron Cookies. With this perfect blend, Crumbled Lime came to have a combination of orange and zest aromas making it a delectable choice for many. Suitable for daytime use, this strain is a good partner for your long day ahead. With dense lime-green buds in medium sizes, Crumbled Lime is rich in trichomes making it a rich-resin producer strain. Many growers love Crumbled Lime for its exotic as well as organoleptic traits making it one of the beast to grow cannabis strain. 

Flavor and Effects of Crumbled Lime 

Crumbled Lime has a fruity flavor with sweetness and sourness as a great combination. Long-lasting relaxation is the major effect of Crumbled Lime. It is a good choice for daylight use since its euphoria effect does not cause anxiety to the consumer. 

Medical Benefits Crumbled Lime

This cannabis strain is highly able to help you fight with an illness like depression and anxiety. It is also good for pains like migraines and headaches.  

Negative Effects of Crumbled Lime. 

Just like other cannabis strain, dryness of mouth and dizziness are the adverse effects of Crumbled Lime. Though lighter than other strains, the right dosage with Crumbled Lime is still recommended. 

Growing Crumbled Lime Some information and Tips. 

Crumbles Lime is neither easy nor difficult to cultivate. This cannabis strain is suitable either indoors or outdoors growing as long as the right growing environment is given.