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The crossbreeding between Blueberry with Skywalker OG produces this wonderful strain. This strain has a tropical-herbal aroma with blends of sour, spicy, and creamy finishing. When trimmed, its leaves has a curly structure.

The buds of this strain have hues of yellow, green, and red hairs with white trichomes. Its leaves are crystal-like in shape and produce a milky smoke when combusted.

Flavor and Effects of the Crosswalker

This strain offers you a strong and energetic strength needed for daily activities. The Crosswalk strain has a euphoric, uplifting and relaxing effect. It has fruity, pine and citrus flavors, which make it outstanding when compared with other strains leaving an unforgettable aftertaste. This strain is best used to enhance/improve concentration while making you stay focused.

Medical Benefits of the Crosswalker

The Crosswalker strain is very effective in the treatment of depression, bipolar, aches, chronic pain, restlessness, and anxiety. It also has great potency in managing stress, fatigue and eating disorder (loss of appetite).

Negative Effects of the Crosswalker

The negative effects of this strain are dizziness, sleeplessness, and dry mouth. Prolonged usage of this strain can also dry and itchy eyes, fever, high blood pressure, and severe headaches.

Growing the Crosswalker

The Crosswalker is best grown indoors for the best growth and yield. The application of fertilizer might also help to increase the yield. During the growing of this strain, attention should be taken to prevent the attacks by pests and rodents. The growth rate is rapid. Good lighting and average humidity are also essential for the maximum yield of the strain.