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Critical Kali Mist

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Critical Kali Mist is the result of the combination of Kali Mist and Critical Mass. Though these two parent strains are not highly known, Critical Kali Mist came to be a powerhouse child boasting a high amount of THC content. This strain is now known to have a great performance both in medicinal and recreational uses. 

This Marijuana from Delicious Seeds produces buds with dense nugs in dark olive green color. Just like its name, its trichomes give patches and coating in its small ambers making a way for a perfect misting look. 

Flavor and Effects of Critical Kali Mist

Critical Kali Mist has flavors of sweet and spicy added with herbal essence. Its effects include euphoria giving way for a giggling and happy feeling in every use. Critical Kali Mist is also good when in uplifting and cheering your spirit. 

Medical Benefits of Critical Kali Mist

When having stress and depression, Critical Kali Mist is an excellent choice. Aside from that, its high THC content makes it an efficient reliever of pain and inflammation. 

Negative Effects of Critical Kali Mist. 

Using Critical Kali Mist gives you a dizzy and cottonmouth feeling as part of its adverse effects. 

Growing Critical Kali Mist Some information and Tips

Outdoor growing is the best for Critical Kali Mist since it tends to grow tall with lots of branches. This type of strain is difficult to cultivate indoors unless highly effective techniques are used and the growing space is big enough. Topping early is recommended with this strain. When given proper care, Critical Kali Mist surely gives you a bounty harvest.