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This strain is a powerful indica dominant type of strain with heavily branched phenotypes with hues of yellow and green buds.

The parentage of this strain is known, however, when trimmed, it produces curly leaves and has a pungent and piney aroma and produces soil-like smoke with earthy finishing.

Flavor and Effects of Crescendo

The Crescendo strain has a citrus and vanilla flavor. This strain presents you with a relaxing, energizing, and uplifting effects. Its euphoric effect will leave you with happiness making you un-oblivious of your present worries. An increased dose might lead to sedation.

 Medical Benefits of the Crescendo

This strain is very effective in the treatment of severe stress and depression. Patients suffering from vomiting, nausea, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), loss of appetite, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain will love this strain because of its medicinal potency.

 Negative Effects of Crescendo

The Crescendo strain can cause the following health problems; dry mouth and dizziness. It also has the tendency to cause; high blood pressure, dry-itchy eyes, uncontrollable paranoia, high fever, sleeplessness and headache due to its THC content.

 Growing Crescendo

The growing method of Crescendo strain can be grown indoors. In some places, it may be grown outdoors depending on the type of soil and the weather condition. Fertilizer applications can also be used to improve the maximum yield of this strain.

The Crescendo strain requires good lighting and normal to average humidity and soil pH-level For optimal growth. Watering should be done at least thrice daily, starting from the first week to the fourth week.

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