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Conspiracy Kush

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The crossing between Space Queen ( by famous breeder Vic High’s ) and Obama Kush (Novelty hybrid) will produce this strain. First bred by Heroes of the Farm Genetics, this strain is an indica dominant strain. Its dense buds and frosty trichomes produce an aroma of tanginess with a peppery finishing.

It has small-sized flowers with the appearance of pop-corn when trimmed. It has different arrays of phenotypes with curly leaves and hues of mossy green, yellow, and purple.
However, this strain has whitish trichomes and are thick and sticky when touched. Its leaves produce fresh citrus scent when cured. Its over-ripe fruits give out a dank-sweet smell. When combusted, it gives a smooth, peppery after-taste.

Flavor and Effects of Conspiracy Kush

This strain keeps a balance between its sedating effect. However, increased usage is detrimental to health. You will feel the relaxing and soothing effects which this strain offers. Just a hit from this strain will offer you enough motivation you needed for the whole day. This strain will present you with the energetic and uplifting effects. its euphoric effect is noticeable making you feeling hyper forgetting your immediate worries. It has a grape, citrus, and berry flavours.

Medical Benefits of Conspiracy Kush

People who suffer from vomiting, nausea, aches, and chronic pain will find this strain useful. This strain has a great medical potent in treating mood-related sickness like depression, anxiety, anger, mild to severe stress, insomnia, bipolar and panic. This strain also has medical efficacy to combat attention deficit disorders and loss of memory.

Negative Effects of Conspiracy Kush

An increased dose of this strain might cause dry mouth, dry, itchy eyes, headaches, and dizziness. This strain also tends to cause the development of paranoid, high fever and anxious.

Growing Conspiracy Kush

This strain grows very well if planted indoors. The outdoor growing of this strain is dependent on the type of soil and weather conditions of the place. For best growth and yield of this strain, good lighting, conducive weather of about 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit is required. Fertilizer application may be used to enhance the maximum yield of this strain. From the first to the fourth week of growing this strain, daily watering is required to help sustain the plant from an inadequate supply of water.

After the third week of growing this strain, trimming of its leaves is done, this helps to keep the strain in a good structure. Daily monitoring to help checkmate the activities of pests on the strain is advised. For the new grower of this strain, they might encounter some difficulty while growing this strain. The period of germination to the harvesting of this strain of 8 weeks period.