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Ace Seeds developed a one-of-a-kind strain that many users would want in a lifetime.  A great combination of Congolese strains Congo #3, Pakistan Chitral Kush, and Bangi Congo, Congo was produced with the combination of earthy and pine aromas. As its name was taken from an arcade game in the 80s, Congo is surely suited in times you wanted some kicks and games as Kush and Sativa genetics were blended perfectly in this strain. This marijuana plant produces popcorn shaped nugs with hairy amber coated in rich glittering trichomes. 

Flavor and Effects of Congo

Congo has the richness of flavors blended from woody to sweet plus a combination of spicy and sweet. Congo is a cheerer type of strain. You’ll surely wear your smile all the time upon using Congo while it uplifts your energy. Suited even for first-timers, Congo gives a clean effect after every use with quiet manageable side effects.  

Medical Benefits of Congo

Congo is known as a good remedy for people who suffer from ADHD. It is also a good antidepressant and a great antidote for stress and fatigue. 

Negative Effects of Congo 

Congo’s adverse effects include dryness of the mouth. Users must have some water with them for proper hydration. In addition, dryness and itchiness of eyes are also observed. 

Growing Congo Some information and Tips

Both indoor and outdoor growing, Congo will surely thrive. Even novice growers will not experience a hard time with this strain since it has a high resistance to different pests. Since it has medium heights, growers will easily manage and guide their weeds while waiting for the harvest period.