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Colorado Clementines

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The crossbreeding between famous TGA genetic hybrid €œAgent Orange€ with Big White will produce this strain. First bred by La Plata Labs, this is an indica dominant hybrid with the very pungent aroma of sour diesel.

It has different arrays phenotypes with slightly branched conical specimen with buds having hues of mossy green and yellow. Curing of this strain will produce curly leaves. The combustion of its buds will give off earthy smoke.

What is the Flavor and Effects of the Colorado Clementines

This strain will leave you with effects that are apparent within a few minutes of consuming it. It has a less sedating effect, but an increased dose might take your brain on vacation. Before your last hit, you will feel its euphoric and relaxing effect will leave you with deep sleep. Other effects to expect from this strain are energetic and uplifting effect making you stay focused and concentrated. It has sweet, nutty, blueberry, diesel, and skunk flavors.

Medical Benefits of the Colorado Clementines

Patients with mood and emotional illnesses like depression, stress, fatigue, and anxiety will find this strain very helpful. Patients suffering from the loss of appetite, inflammation and post-chemotherapy disorders will appreciate the creation of this strain because of its medicinal potent.

Negative Effects of the Colorado Clementines

This strain, when used in an increased dose, might cause the following dizziness, dry mouth, headaches, eating disorder and anxiousness.

Growing the Colorado Clementines

The Colorado Clementines strain grows and yields more when grown indoors. Depending on the type of soil and weather of the place, fertilizer may be applied to increase the yield of this strain. Trimming and watering are recommended at least daily. good lighting is essential especially if this strain is grown indoors.