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Colombian Gold

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The Colombian Gold strain was discovered in a gold mine in Colombia’s dry mountains of Santa Marta unknown to prospectors and miners. Out in the open, a landrace the marijuana strain has persevered for centuries. It highlights feathery buds covered in sticky and fiery orange trichomes. The strain has a golden color, though, is an outcome of intervention more than a natural occurrence.

The strain was produced in the market back in the 1970s. With its energizing buzz, the strain`s Sativa effects have prevailed a gold standard for many of its users. It is also among the genetic support of many of the foremost breeders in the business.

Flavor and Effects of Colombian Gold 

Due to its sharp and harsh fumes, the smoke from the strain can be rough on the throat and the lungs. Upon inhaling, a sweet and citrus note adds to the delightful experience, while exhaling leaves a skunky and woody aftertaste. It may take a few minutes, for its effects starts to show despite its high THC level. Once it does, it begins with an intense euphoric buzz and a limitless supply of energy. Its users are likely to experience having mental clarity. The user`s focus becomes laser-sharp as users can lock in on tasks at hand. Many may also feel more creative with ideas freely flowing into the mind. As the physical effects crawl into the body, the uplifting feeling turns into whole-body relaxation.

Medical Benefits of Colombian Gold

This is excellent marijuana that does not only suit to recreational users. The strain has the same effects it induces that have indirect medical benefits. As the strain is a mood-enhancer, its value for people managing depression, anxiety, and PTSD cannot be overstated.  A couple of puffs of the Colombian Gold strain should bring life to an otherwise depressed mood. 

Negative Effects of Colombian Gold 

Enjoying this marijuana strain results in you experiencing having dry mouth and other conditions that may occur, such as having dry eyes and feeling dizzy. Users are recommended to keep their bodies before and during the session. Some users may feel paranoid or anxious after smoking this strain. But such effects are often light but can be quite pronounced. Especially for amateurs, you should monitor your dosage for the strain`s side effects may make you feel uncomfortable.