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Cobbler is created by crossing two strains, which is the Tangistan R4 with Charlotte’s Cherries by and from High-Grade Hemp Seeds. This strain is rich and has high CBD with great terpene compositions.
User’s who want the great richness of CBD with great expectancy in taste. Cobbler hybrid gives you the best of it. Additionally, this strain got one of the shortest time to grow in.

Flavor and Effects of Cobbler

The perfect combination of chocolate with a touch of fruity cherry this strain has got. Not just having that good taste, this strain will also make you feel energetic, which is best on fulfilling unfinished tasks and going for some fun activities. This will also enhance your creativity and will make you focused on dealing with it. Furthermore, you may feel happy after smoking or consuming this as it increases euphoria.

Medical Benefits of Cobbler

If you are dealing with different types of chronic pain, this strain can ease it, especially muscle spasms and migraines or headaches. Diagnosed and experiences depression, stress, and anxiety, and if you want to overcome this, using this strain is the perfect remedy for it.

Negative Effects of Cobbler

First time consuming this strain or whether an expert on this, this will make you suffer from eyes and mouth dry. In seldom cases, consumers (mostly first-timer) declare that they feel being dizzy and experience mild to moderate headaches.

Growing Cobbler

Cobbler strain can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. In a warm climate, free from pests and common diseases, this strain should be grown. Thus, the usage of fertilizer is encouraged too.

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