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Cluster Funk

Cluster Funk

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This strain is mostly indica which is crossed from the two genetics of ’91 Skun VA and Mr. Nice by the Bodhi Seeds; this now resulted in Cluster Flunk. A perplex combination of sour and skunky aroma this strain gives.

Flavor and Effects of Cluster Funk

The oil and diesel funk with the perfect hind of skunky and sour notes this strain has got you when smoke. This is also best if you want laughter at all hours, for it increases the euphoric level. If you had trouble sleeping, this strain is good in making you feel calm and will lull you to sleep. Also, Cluster Funk is great on making you happy as it increases euphoria.

What are the Medical bBenefits of Cluster Funk

Rampant migraines or headaches caused by stressful events can be best cured in this strain. Cluster Funk is also good at relieving chronic pains like muscle spasms. Also, this is great for people who are feeling depressed.

Negative Effects of Cluster Funk

Like other cannabis or strain, whether in low or high consumption, you may experience and suffer from throat and eyes drying upon using this strain.

Growing Cluster Funk

Growing this strain can be indoor or outdoor. Hence, growing this needs some experience, so the first thing to be achieved is the Mediterranean-like climate, which helps to grow best. The proper amount of water and light to penetrate should be observed too. Growers may utilize fertilizers to get the best buds. Lastly, making sure that this strain is free from pests and diseases.

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