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Cluster Bomb

Cluster Bomb

Derived the name from two crossed process in genetics this strain has got. The first procedure is created by combining the genetics of the parents, Cinderella 99, and Bomb #1. Crossed again with Skunk #1 from Sensi Seeds, and then the Cluster Bomb is now finally in form

Flavor and Effects of Cluster Bomb

This strain got the flavor of the sweetness of lemon with the touch of skunk, earthy, and strawberry. Smoking or in edible ways, this will give the kicks off with a cerebral head rush, leaving you in high-states. Also, it increases the euphoric level, makes you in a state of deep focused, and relaxes you. Even though you feel uplifted by this, you may feel being sleepy in some cases, but still, it is good.

Medical Benefits of a Cluster Bomb

Cluster Bomb is highly beneficial for people who are diagnosed, or feeling depresses. This will help you overcome constant cases like cramps, eye pressure, and nausea. Also, this is best for those who are having fibromyalgia who wishes to decrease the pain they felt.

Negative Effects of Cluster Bomb

Using this strain will make your throat and mouth dry, also your eyes. You may also feel a little bit of dizziness and headache.

Growing a Cluster Bomb

This strain adapts well to the indoor and outdoor environment, in which you can freely choose where to grow. Also, this is best to grow in warm temperatures. If so, to be grown indoors, use Screen of Green (SOG) methods. Furthermore, this does not grow too tall, but it does grow bushier, which then the spacious room should be best.