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Climax Autoflower

Climax Autoflower

From an unknown hybrid and Ruderalis the Climax Autoflower emerged. The mon stalk of this strain is not too thick with vigorous fan leaves with burnt orange hint are branching out of it. The buds are very sticky and lightly covered with white trichomes; dark orange pistils are sprouting everywhere.

Flavor and Effects of Climax Autoflower

There is a small hint of sweetness to this strain, but not as smooth and sweet as a Pure Ruderalis. This strain also gives off an earthy flavor that resembles moist soil. The effect of Climax Autoflower is very mild as it has a low THC but high CBD. This weed is a relaxant for the body and mind and will not cause a psychoactive effect.

Medical Benefits of Climax Autoflower

This weed is an excellent choice for medical marijuana. Climax Autoflower is known for helping adjust the release of neurotransmitters in the brain in an effort to keep the body’s functions in balance. Recommended for people with epilepsy, anxiety, PTSD and Those with ADD/ADHD.

Negative Effects of Climax Autoflower

Some reports like dry mouth and watery eyes are associated with the negative effects of this strain. The Climax Autoflower doesn’t seem to have any adverse effects such as paranoia and anxiety.

Growing Climax Autoflower Some information and Tips

In growing the Climax Autoflower, it is important to make sure that the soil PH level is alkaline. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors. This is a great strain to grow indoors, change in lighting is not necessary. This weed will thrive if you feed it with high nitrogen during flowering so it retains the green color.

The best way to raise the soil PH that you’ll use for the Climax Automatic strain is to add some dolomite lime, hardwood ash, crushed marble or crushed oyster shells.