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City Of God

City Of God

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Phantom Farms created something that can take smokers to heaven. The strain’s name says it all, and it is a cross between God Bud and NYC Diesel. This bud is best smoked when you get close to nature and in social gatherings. Consumers will really feel the comforting and relaxing sedation when they’re on those occasions. They should also be careful with the dosages, especially novice smokers as this weed is quite overwhelming for them.

Flavor and Effects of the City of God

Its flavor may not suit the taste preference of some smokers. It’s a complex blend of herbs, dank earth, diesel, and a hint of sweetness. It’s a strong and heavy hitter that penetrates through the user’s system. The buzz gently enters the head with tingles. It also stimulates mental alertness, and physical sedation puts a person to a relaxed and comforting state

Medical Benefits of the City of God

It can dissolve tiredness and pain, so it has soothing properties. It gives light to those in the darkness of depression or humongous weight of stress. Doctors and medical professionals prescribed this strain to patients who struggle with those conditions.

Negative Effects of City of God

Cottonmouth and dry eyes are the side effects you can expect from this bud. So smokers should drink a lot of water to wash these effects away from their bodies.

Growing the City of God

Growers have the option to plant it outdoors or indoors. You have to make sure that you provide it with enough and equal distribution of light.

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