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Citronella Sky

Citronella Sky

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This particular strain is known to be a mythical marijuana genetic. The citronella strain is probably a cross between Amnesia Lemon and Big Bud. PevGrow cultivated its own indoors and only available as feminized seeds. This strain is tall with vigorous leaves on the side, supported by strong branches and white crystal hairs sprouting around the nugs. The primary terpenes of this unique plant are Citral, Limonene, Terpineol, Humulene. Treat yourself to a whole new experience with the Citronella Sky and let this beaut surprise you in ways unimaginable.

Flavor and Effects of Citronella Sky

Are you a lemon flavor fan Then the Citronella Sky should be perfect for you. This weed is known to exude solid lemon taste and smell. It will give you a cerebral clean and fresh high that calms every nerve in your body. Citronella sky is highly potent and should be taken lightly. Recommended for daytime use as the Citronella Sky as it doesn’t impede with regular daily function.

Medical Benefits of Citronella Sky

This weed works great for people having insomnia as it increases the neurotransmitter that helps regulate sleep. It has excellent benefits of treating chronic pain and stress and also highly recommended for people with depression and anxiety.

Negative Effects of Citronella Sky

Headaches, dry mouth, and eyes, and as well as drowsiness, are typical adverse effects of Citronella Sky. This weed may also cause nausea and dizziness and mild paranoia.

Growing Citronella Sky

Newbies and expert growers can handle this plant very well. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The Citronella sky can reach a great height, but you can control it through indoor planting and pruning periodically. It will need some stake support to be able to hold the big branches and leaves. The buds of the Citronella Sky will increase in size and become dense and resinous once it reaches its last flowering month.

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