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Citron Givre

Citron Givré

T.H. Seeds made a careful selection from their varieties and chose a specific Birthday Cake from the cannabis cultivation mecca of Northern California. Now, doesn’t Citron Givré sound like the sweetest treat This weed is tall with bright green flowers that produce buds that are green lemon-colored.

Flavor and Effects of Citron Givré

This is the strain for those with a sweet tooth. The sweet, creamy taste of the Citron Givré will tickle your tastebuds. This weed also has cake-like notes to it and a strong citrus scent. This weed is perfect for dishes like fruity brownies, salads dressings, and fruit cocktail.

A deep brain stimulator and relaxant for the body; the effects of Citron Givré is always intense. This weed gives happy vibes and makes you hungry.

Medical Benefits of Citron Givré

This strain is known to relieve chronic pain and muscle spasm. The Citron Givré is also beneficial to people with anxiety, stress, fatigue, and even those who are suffering from anorexia.

Negative Effects of Citron Givré

This weed will keep you couch-locked, so it is best taken at night. Smoking this during the day will limit your movement and locomotion. The typical side effects are dry mouth and eyes.

Growing Citron Givré Some information and Tips

When growing this plant, it’s worth noting for indoor growers to create modified cupboards and boxes. Although this weed can thrive in both outdoor or indoor growing, using growing techniques like low-stress training and topping will come handy.

Best Place To Buy Citron Givré

Exceptional (9.7)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)


Excelent (9.5)

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