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Cinex Sativa


Cinex is a combination of its parent strains Cinderella 99 and legendary sativa Vortex. This hybrid became a quick preference in the medical cannabis scene for a reason. It is used widely for the treatment of mood conditions, but also for soothing pain in many ailments.

The Cinex strain is a sativa dominant flower. It’s an excellent daytime smoke, for it is stimulating and can allow you to go about your day with even more enthusiasm. Cinex gives an intense cerebral high that makes you focused and inspired, and free from all your usual every day worries.

Flavor and Effects of Cinex

The Cinex strain tastes particularly tangy and stimulating, accompanied by a pleasant citrus buzz. This strain tastes very skunky and is complemented by a light sweet, and sour flavor. The strain boasts of earthy undertones and a hint of fresh lemons that will stick to your tongue. Cinex is a strain with a perfect blend of the sharpness of sativa and the relaxation of indica. This hybrid is a great morning smoke, helping the user increase their sense of happiness.  If you need a little help in becoming more creative, this strain will keep you inspired and have you in the zone.

Medical Benefits of Cinex

Most of the Doctors have prescribed this particularly potent strain for some kind of reason. Cinex has shown to be a very effective remedy for mental disorders. ADHD and PTSD have been successfully managed with the regular use of this strain, due to its high THC and CBD levels. Cinex has been used by patients who are experiencing chronic stress, too. This hybrid can relieve tension both physically and mentally, which is necessary for a stressed patient to relax and unwind. Cinex strain can also treat depression, as it can be uplifting and calming and can help the patient find relief.

Negative Effects of Cinex

This hybrid is very powerful and may cause some uncomfortable side effects. Cinex will cause the usual dry cottonmouth feeling and dry eyes, making you experience light dehydration. Another side effect of this strain is that it may leave you feeling anxious, especially for novice smokers of strains with this potent. Cinex may give you a mild sense of paranoia. This may sometimes be followed by a slight headache, but it can be easily managed.

Growing Cinex

Many growers love this strain for its quick-growing and huge amount of yield. Cinex strain is produced in the Pacific Northwest, which means it is pretty weather resilient and can be grown also in cooler climates. The strain is also easy to trim, which means amateur growers can produce this strain easily.