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Cindy White

Cindy White

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It has won the first place of the €˜People’s Choice’ award in the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup. Most marijuana growers that it is a perfect hybrid from the combination of Cinderella 99 and White Widow in creating an uplifting effect. These parents have endowed this breed with potent cerebral effects and splendid resin production. It was developed by The Green Solution, which is based in Colorado. Seedsman distributes the feminized seeds of this strain.

Flavor and Effects of Cindy White

Pine and earthiness will rule over the taste buds when smoking this strain. The strong overtones of pine and lemon together with earthy undertones go through the nose. Aside from the euphoric feeling that it gives, it’s an effective mood booster. It energizes its users to the point of improving creativity. It is also capable of giving relaxation for body and mind.

Medical Benefits of Cindy White

It helps people with conditions of ADHD, bipolar disorder, and ADD. It can free the body of pain, so people who have a migraine, fatigue, headache, and chronic pain depend on this strain. Individuals who are afflicted with spinal cord injury also benefits from its pain-free ability.

Negative Effects of Cindy White

It leaves dryness to the throat and eyes of the users. Hydration is certainly the answer to these side effects, but it shouldn’t be paired with alcohol.

Growing Cindy White

Growers should focus on the maintenance and care of this plant. Low-Stress Training should be administered during the flowering stage. It can both thrive outdoors and indoors.