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Cinderella XX

Cinderella XX

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The Cinderella XX is a feminized version of the Brothers Grimm holy grail for indoor growing, Cinderella 99. Its name derives from the two X chromosomes. This strain possesses all the great qualities of Cinderella 99 and will surely blow your mind. Experience the magic with Cinderella XX

Flavor and Effects of Cinderella XX

Cinderella XX is a high-quality resin that will give you sticky fingers due to the high-quality resin. With a fruity undertone, and a funky fruit that doesn’t smell too much. Soon as you light it up, you will feel artsy in you and feel the creative juices flowing within you. Ideal for daytime use for energetic high. Coming from a lineage of the Cinderella 99, it is famous for its gorgeous psychoactive but clear high.

Medical Benefits of Cinderella XX

Cinderella XX is very beneficial to people with depression and stress and it can combat fatigue. This strain can also relieve symptoms of eye pressure and fatigue. The Cinderella XX is also known for its anti-inflammatory benefits.

Negative Effects of Cinderella XX

Cinderella XX is a strain not for beginners, due to its devastatingly psychoactive effect, one might experience paranoia. Common side effects of this strain include dry mouth and eyes, headaches, and dizziness. This strain is best for daytime use.

Growing Cinderella XX

Cinderella XX comes from a super popular cannabis version for indoor growers the Cinderella 99. Indoors, you can expect to have a total yield of around 110 – 140 g of primo buds, giving it an above-average yield. It will be ready in a total time of 65 days of 12/12 lighting and seeds should be at least 6-8 weeks old before flowering. This strain will require plenty of nutrients during its cycle. Make sure to have branch support as some of its branches bends.

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