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The Chocolope strain is a full-bodied near 100% sativa, which is all richness in flavor and aroma. This unique strain is ideal to start your day with, for its energizing and motivating properties that will make you begin your day the right way. The DNA Genetics growers combined Chocolate Thai with Cannalope Haze and created an exceptionally chocolatey sativa. 

Chocolope boasts of a strong, invigorating coffee scent that will surely fill any room with its goodness. The strain`s sweet aroma fits well with its cerebral and uplifting effects. This often psychedelic strain is greatly enjoyed by users who are looking for an intense, deep experience to plunge themselves into.

Flavor and Effects of Chocolope 

This sativa is glutinous with sweetness and stimulating, which makes it very hard to resist. This strain boasts of rich vanilla flavors, combined with a strong presence of coffee and chocolate. Most of the smoker`s reason to puff the Chocolope strain is for its energizing effects. This means that when you puff this strain at the beginning of your day, it can get you into gear for the things that need to get done. The motivating agent in this sativa is very strong, making you finish all your chores in a breeze. The strain is famous for its uplifting effect, and it is good at conjuring up feelings of being ecstatic and joyous, making it the excellent happy smoke.

Medical Benefits of Chocolope

Chocolope has been widely recommended for ailments that are associated with feelings of stress, most usually from living a fast-paced and toxic lifestyle. Due to the strain`s uplifting characteristics, the strain can treat depression and anxiety. The strain is so energizing that it is an excellent strain for users who suffer from cases of lethargy and fatigue. People that have difficulties in maintaining enough focus to get tasks done may also benefit from enjoying this strain.

Negative Effects of Chocolope 

This sativa can be pretty strong, so it isn’t recommended for amateur smokers. Chocolope, when smoked by novice users, can create some unpleasant light anxieties. Very rarely, it may also produce a feeling of being mildly paranoid. For some, this strain may give smokers feeling momentarily dizzy, even though this feeling doesn’t normally last very long. This strain can cause the user to experience a bit of a dry mouth and dry eyes, which is common in using cannabis, so you should keep your body hydrated.

Growing Chocolope

Chocolope is somehow easy to be grown, yet it can be prone to molds and mildew, so the plant should be kept in a well-ventilated area. The seedlings of this strain should be planted once the risk of frost is fully disappeared.