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Chocolate Thunder

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Further upgrading Chocolope’s signature sweetness and Alaskan Thunder Fuck’s vigor, Chocolate Thunder is a pure sativa worth indulging. Regardless of its dominating sativa genes, it presents a compact structure that is perfect for limited growing spaces. The mossy green leaves are elongated and spade-like encircled by brown and orange pistils. The flowers are crowned with white, overcast trichomes, emitting sweet and earthy fragrance. 

Flavor and Effects of Chocolate Thunder

Chocolate Thunder is a sweet and smooth smoke. It tastes like a mix of honey and chocolate. The earthy, spicy and nutty rolls down your tongue upon exhalation. The strain will hit you with a dizzy feeling in the head as fast as thunder. There is an increased blood flow felt around the eyes and the lower forehead. The strain is literally mouth-watering as some users have also reported an increase in salivation. It uplifts the mood by clearing the head of racing thoughts.  Once cleared, creative juices start to flow, filling the day with inspiration and pure happiness.

Medical Benefits of Chocolate Thunder

The increased focus and concentration can help patients with Attention Deficit Disorders. The sativa properties can definitely calm and help them manage tasks one at a time. The happy euphoria can give hope and happiness to depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder patients. The creative juices allow them to complete tasks, motivating and helping them in their mood swings. Its inflammatory properties can also aid in indigestion, headaches, migraines, appetite loss and insomnia. 

Negative Effects of Chocolate Thunder

Excessive smoking of Chocolate Thunder can trigger physical and mental discomfort. Headaches, visual and auditory hallucinations can be experienced along with cottonmouth and dry eyes. Some have reported a feeling of time passing more slowly than it is which contradicts the productivity benefit. 

Growing Chocolate Thunder Some information and Tips

Chocolate Thunder loves a temperature between 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. To grow clones, you can take clippings from mature plants. The plants may also grow tall and branchy due to its sativa genes. Occasional trimming is recommended.  Topping and low-stress training will also help.