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Chocolate OG

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It is a strain that belongs to a fantastic lineage of chocolate strains. This hybrid is a blend of Chocolate Rain and True OG concocted by THClones. The richness of dark chocolate in it is so enticing but you should watch out for the amount that you take. The more you take, the heavier the effects will be. It’s another case of the need to control and discipline yourself when something pleases your palate.

The potency simply shows its Indica heritage. It can take off almost up to 30% but CBD is nearly non-existent. It is recommended to be smoked in the evening or at night to benefit from its sedative attributes. It grows medium to large flowers in the form of miniature pine cones. They’re bundled in sticky, resinous trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Chocolate OG

It tastes like a blend of cheese and nuts in combustion it leaves a savory note on your taste buds. The potent body buzz provides warmth and relaxation. It’s great at delivering psychoactive effects. It enhances the mood to a more blissful and happier persona of the smokers. This euphoric feeling will make consumers more talkative.

It can take away worries and uncertainties in life. It gets rid of tension from the physical part. But it can make you feel sleepy and lazy when the effect comes down. You may also feel that the time ticks so slow.

Medical Benefits of Chocolate OG

The stony effect of this strain brings good to medical applications. It overcomes negative feelings created by depression, PTSD, anxiety, and stress. It soothes pain well. It handles pain and aches from mild ones to chronic ones that are lupus or fibromyalgia. It also relieves inflammation-related issues.

Some patients’ appetite decline from the treatment of cancer or due to digestion disorders. This strain stimulates hunger so those people will be able to have proper eating habits.

Negative Effects of Chocolate OG

This strain brings dryness to your eyes and mouth. It is just a minor side effect that can be addressed by drinking a lot of water. It’s important to stay hydrated when smoking marijuana. Dizziness can be felt when a heavy amount is taken.

Growing Chocolate OG

Growers should be keen on giving this plant the right nutrients. When you buy them, there’s a guide on the amount to be given to the plants on the package. The three primary elements for the strains are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The other micronutrients that can be given in lower quantities are copper, silicon, iron, manganese, zinc, chlorine, cobalt, molybdenum and boron.

Equal distribution of light is a factor to have a high yield in the future. This plant shouldn’t be overwatered. You can check the soil or lift the pot to see if it’s time to water or not.

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