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Chocolate Cheesecake

Chocolate Cheesecake

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This chocolate-filled hybrid is from the blend of Chocolope, Legacy Skunk, and Russian Ghost Ruderalis. The breeder doesn’t reveal itself, and information about this strain also remains unknown. It is available in Vancouver. It is capable of potent high and relaxing effects so it can be consumed in a lazy afternoon. The buds of this weed have a dark green color with orange hair.

Flavor and Effects of Chocolate Cheesecake

This strain gives a sweet taste. The flowery, cheesy, and buttery flavor built a good foundation of flavors. It leaves the user uplifted and relaxed. Though the effects vary from person to person, this bud is something you can enjoy with friends in a laid back setting. The effects are perfect to meet the purpose of recreational activities.

Medical Benefits of Chocolate Cheesecake

It doesn’t have records to be shown as proof for its medical usage. Based on the effects that it gives its users, it can manage to lessen anxiety, stress, and other mental disorders. It can be done because it uplifts people’s spirits, and it gives them relaxation.

Negative Effects of Chocolate Cheesecake

Even though Chocolate Cheesecake strain sounds delectable, it’s no different from other weeds. It can give smokers dry mouth and eyes. Drinking a lot of water is a way to control these side effects. Users should be careful in taking this one as the potency is not indicated, and certain aspects are still under observation.

Growing Chocolate Cheesecake

The breeder of this strain hasn’t introduced itself to the public. It’s in the same status as the specifications and growing method that growers need to know. While information about this strain is scarce at the moment, you can just buy it for consumption.

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