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This luscious chocolate-flavored strain is a cross between Dalux Berry and Chocolope Skunkberry. Mighty Irish Seeds bred this strain with above-average potency. Smokers can relish a pleasant high with chocolate and coffee taste.

The minty green buds are fat and fluffy. They’re surrounded by light amber hair and white crystal trichomes. This is one of the top picks of growers as it gives high yield, and it’s easy peasy to cultivate it.

Flavor and Effects of Chocoholic

The highlight for its flavor is the union of sweet chocolate, vanilla, and ripe berries. The aroma is chocolatey, skunky, and earthy at the same time. It would make you feel like you’re in a Dutch cafe. It has creeping effects of euphoria, and it will also take you in a tingly relaxation.

Medical Benefits of a Chocoholic

It can end insomnia by its couch-lock effect. It’s capable of brushing off fatigue, chronic pain, cramps, muscle spasm, and nausea. It’s also an appetite booster for those who have lost interest in food.

Negative Effects of Chocoholic

The adverse effects are limited to the dryness of the eyes and mouth. Consumers should wait for updates of other possible outcomes as this is a new strain.

Growing Chocoholic

This weed is a real keeper for growers. It’s easy to grow since it doesn’t require training techniques or topping. It has a good growing structure because it’s resistant to pests and diseases. It generates high produce t as long as you give the extra effort of raising it.

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