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Choco Bud

Cannabis fanatics with a sweet tooth would love this Sativa-leaning strain that delivers long-lasting effects. Craving chocolate and feeling the urge to smoke weed can be done at the same time. It is possible with Choco Bud as it carries a luscious chocolatey taste. It’s not all about the whims of your taste buds but with your whole physique. The high level of THC corresponds with the good amount of CBD in this weed.

It is the product of the hard work of Vision Seeds. The blend of Chocolope Haze and Thai Sativa form this hybrid strain that can produce buds with heavy-laden resin. It enhances your mood and allows your body to relax. You can let yourself indulge in its delectable taste while you can also take advantage of its medical application. Growing this weed will not dismay you as it can give you a high yield.

Flavor and Effects of Choco Bud

It is an extremely smooth smoke with a very luscious flavor of sweet, chocolate and caramel. To enjoy this flavor, you can have it through a vaporizer. It delivers a euphoric buzz that uplifts your spirit and it can last for some time. This effect will also boost your mood so you will look more on positivism. It opens the passage for the energy surge to enter your body.

Its high dose of CBD brings forth relaxation that can strip you of any negative feelings or discomfort. It will relieve you of those unwanted things.

Medical Benefits of Choco Bud

It can be part of the treatment due to the amount of THC and CBD that it holds. Its medical effect has the coverage of both physical and mental conditions. Pain and aches that bother you physically can be eliminated by this weed. It will also do the same thing with PMS, migraines, muscular tension and spasms. It can pacify the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, stress, irritability, impulsion, inattention, anxiety and mood swings.

Negative Effects of Choco Bud

It brings cottonmouth and red, irritated eyes due to dehydration. So don’t forget to have water beside you when in a smoking session. Pronounced side effects can be avoided if you stay on the dose that you can handle.

Growing Choco Bud

This branchy marijuana plant can be grown indoors or outdoors. You can reap the harvest in October if you planted it outdoors. It’s not too choosy as it thrives whether you place it in soil, coco coir or hydroponic system. You won’t worry too much about nutrients if you start with enriched soil. Know the appropriate nutrients that are suitable for a specific growth stage.

You should prevent the nutrient burn of deficiency. The proper amount is essential not only with nutrients but with water as well.

Best Place To Buy Choco Bud

Exceptional (9.7)
Excelent (9.5)
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Excelent (9.5)

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