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Chinook Haze

Chinook Haze

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Puffing this weed from Greenpoint Seeds will take you to a vacation in the Carribean. It’s due to its effect that pumps you with energy and relaxation to get away from stress. It was parented by Star Dawg and Tangerine Haze as DHK cut. Star Dawg has an appearance of sparkling stars with great potency. Tangerine Haze has a complex citrus flavor and flying-like effects.

You can try growing this unique and fast flowering weed if you’re tired of the usual strains. It is a tall plant that produces buds with a nice bag appeal and an uplifting high.

Flavor and Effects of Chinook Haze

The flavor of this weed is made of citrus, fruity vinegar, pine, and tangerine. The effects will be based on the phenotype that you can get. You can experience racy, heart-pumping high. You can be energetic so you can start your day in a positive outlook or party all night. It can also be sedative, narcotic, lethargic, spaced out or stress-relieving while you watch your favorite shows or relax after a busy day at work.

Medical Benefits of Chinook Haze

It handles health conditions that are both bothering you physically and mentally. It provides temporary relief for chronic pain or temporary ones and mental ailments.

Negative Effects of Chinook Haze

Dry mouth and red, itchy eyes are the minor side effects that can be countered by drinking water.

Growing Chinook Haze

It can grow outdoors or indoors as long as you monitor it regularly. It has the potential to stretch into a tall structure. It will need a trellis to allow its full growth in a structure that is free from bending.