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China Yunnan

The parents of this strain are unknown. However, it was first cultivated in Yunnan, Southern province of china, by Ace seeds. This strain is famous for its large resin production. It produces a very curly leave and has different phenotypes of which are heavily branched with white trichomes. It has a sour diesel aroma with milky smoke.

Flavor and Effects of China Yunnan strain

The China Yunnan strain will leave you with uplifting, relaxing and energetic effects while helping you to stay focused and concentrated. Its euphoric effect is noticeable after a few minutes of consuming this strain. It has a flavor of sweet and earthy.

Medical Benefits of China Yunnan strain

Patients suffering from the following aches, chronic pain, fatigue and anxiety will find the China Yunnan strain very helpful. This strain is also used by people suffering attention deficit disorder, insomnia and panic.

 Negative Effects of China Yunnan strain

This stain has the tendency to cause headaches, restlessness, dry mouth, dizziness, dry- itchy and fever. It can cause also developing paranoid and high blood pressure due to its high THC content.

Growing China Yunnan strain

New growers of this strain may experience some difficulty in growing this strain. The germination period of this strain is between 5 to 10 days and during this period, daily watering is recommended. Weekly trimming of the leaves is advisable. The application of fertilizer will help improve the growth and yield of this strain. This strain requires good lighting, good soil and normal weather condition. It is recommended to daily monitor the strained plant to avoid the attacks of pests.

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