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CherWillie is a sativa leaning hybrid that resulted from combining the Chernobyl and the Willie Nelson strains. With moderately low THC levels, this strain is often recommended to first-time smokers.

Flavor and Effects of CherWillie

When smoked, the flavor profile of CherWillie is best described as citrus and sweet like strawberries. Similarly, CherWillie smells earthy, with a bit of fruity aroma offered.

This strain’s high is mellow enough that you can still function physically and mentally and can even go on with their day. This strain is usually smoked because it is understood to have a creative and functional buzz. All these are allowed with a manageable potency.

What are the medicinal benefits of CherWillie

The CherWillie strain is effective in curing a variety of aches, such as back pain, joint pain, migraines, and even muscle spasms. This strain is also mainly known for its uplifting and motivating high, making it an excellent choice for those who suffer mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. The mellow effects of this strain allow them to go on about their day without feeling heavy.

Negative Effects of CherWillie

With its moderate potency, CherWillie has relatively minimal adverse effects. In super rare cases, the strain can cause mild headaches, which usually does not last as long as the entire duration of its high.

Growing CherWillie

This plant is relatively easy to grow. It doesn’t grow very tall or wide, so they do not require much space for it to reach its full potential. It is hardy and flexible enough to grow in a variety of environments, from indoors, outdoors or in greenhouse settings.