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Cherry Mender

This strain was created by cross-breeding Durban Poison with Grandaddy Purple (indica dominant hybrid). It has very dense buds with purple and orange hairs. The Cheery Mender strain has medium-sized flowers with buds having the structure of indica strains. It has well-curled leaves with light-orange pistils.

It has a different phenotype with purple and mossy green leaves. Its buds have colorful whitish trichomes, with nugs having a sliver-sheen and resinous in texture.

Its buds produce a cloud of smoke with sweet and biscuit-like scent when combusted. It has a rich-cherry and sweet aroma.

Flavor and Effects of the Cherry Mender

The relaxing and calming effects of this strain are immediately within 2 minutes of consuming it. Its euphoric effects are equal to none. This strain will leave you energized with enough strength to accomplish any task. Before your last exhale, this strain presents you with uplifting and happy effects, which can last up to 7 hours. It has berry and sweet flavours.

Medical Benefits of the Cherry Mender

This strain has been found useful in the treatment of mood-related illnesses like anxiety, anger, stress, panic, and depression. Patients diagnosed with attention disorders, loss of memory, asthma, and nausea will find this strain very helpful.

Negative Effects of the Cherry Mender

This strain can cause headaches, dry mouth, itchy eyes, sleeplessness, dizziness and eating disorder.

Growing the Cherry Mender

This strain grows and yields large produce if grown indoors. However, in some cases, it might be grown outdoors, depending on the weather of the place. The leaves are trimmed a week, and watering is thrice daily. the harvesting period usually starts at 7- 9 weeks. Fertilizer may be used to increase yield.

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