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Cherry Haze

Cherry Haze

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THClones is the brain behind the creation of this from northern California. It has the same properties of Haze OG and was created by crossing cherry with Kush and its an indica dominant strain. It boasts of high terpene profile making it have great medicinal effects. Aromas of Meyer honey and pine is found on this weed.

It has buds with the shape of corn, and its leaves are coiled. The opening of its buds will give sweet cherry scent. The buds of Cherry Haze are hard in texture and requires the need for a grounding machine.

Flavor and Effects of Cherry Haze strain

Exhaling this cannabis will leave you with relaxation and upbeat effect. To have your creative mind and focus increased, consume this marijuana in the right quantity and it will leave you with its blueberry, diesel, and skunk flavours.

Medical Benefits of Cherry Haze strain

Very medicinal when used to treat the ill health of depression, fatigue, chronic pain, and stress. Likewise, it has the medicinal properties to cure insomnia, loss of memory, loss of appetite and post HIV induce disorders.

Negative Effects of Cherry Haze strain

This strain may lead to some ill health on the body. However, it is highly recommended that those negatives be treated immediately once noticed. Some of its negative effects include; restlessness, dry mouth, unproductive and futile day due to increased heartbeat.

Growing Cherry Haze strain

The growing method of the Cherry Haze is dependent on the type of soil and weather of the place. However, other things to put into consideration while growing this weed are the stem size. If grown indoors, enable good lighting and curing of the soil by applying fertilizer.

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