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Cherry Durban Poison

Cherry Durban Poison

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Cherry Durban Poison possesses the rich qualities of a Durban Poison, which brings out the goodness of cherry flavor. This balanced hybrid conveys cerebral effects. Hence, it will not cloud the mind.
If you want to initiate a long good conversation with people, taking this strain will be great on that. Also, if you wanted to finish some of your fun and engaging activities, this will be the best accompaniment to it.

Flavor and Effects of Cherry Durban Poison

Cherry Durban Poison has the best combination of sweet berry, pine, mint, and lavender flavor. Consuming this strain will improve mood swings, which will help you to tangle the emotions you are diving in. This also increases the euphoric level, makes you feel relax, and surely untangles, then enhances the creativity you always had. Additionally, this is increases arousal, which will tend you to engage in having sex.

Medical Benefits of Cherry Durban Poison

Patients who are tired of dealing with chronic pains like muscle cramps, fatigues, headaches, or migraines are advised to take this strain as it eases the pain you’ve had. This is also best in lowering down the depressing side and helps you to overcome it in the long run. Furthermore, this can be the best remedy for handling stress.

Negative Effects of Cherry Durban Poison

Taking this strain, whether in low or high usage, will make your eyes and mouth dry. Hence, first-time users felt being dizzy, having headaches, and going anxious after taking this. Also, you may feel a little bit lazy upon consuming it.

Growing Cherry Durban Poison

This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors. Thus, a warm climate is needed and best to have. Growing this strain, growers should be somewhat experienced upon this strain as it has some king of uncontrollable growing conditions. A proper amount of water, fertilizer, and ample sunshine should be best observed.

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