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Cherry Cream Pie

Cherry Cream Pie

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This a decadent strain from mixing Cookies and Cream and Cherry Pie. Exotic Genetix is one of the popular breeders that created this strain with a rich and memorable flavor. It provides consumers long-lasting high and calming effect that percolates through body and mind. It has won 2 awards. It won the 6th place at The Karma Cup 2018 and 8th place in 2016 from the same event.

It’s not just the name and flavor that get much attention but its flowers as well. They’re large and in irregular or chunky shapes. The leaves are striking as they have three shades of purple, pale green, and yellow. The orange trichomes add more vibrancy to their overall color. The translucent white trichomes add up to the volume of the buds.

Flavor and Effects of Cherry Cream Pie

Its aroma is mostly earthy with tones of skunk and musk. The ground form has the taste of freshly baked cherry cream pie with piney essence. It has a hint of berry too. You can taste creamy and sweet flavor when exhaled.

The high creeps for several minutes until you feel the exact effect. It’s a fact that it’s delicious, so the effect can be the same when you’re eating your favorite comfort food. You can still think clearly, and you might want to hit the couch with a goofy smile on your face. Veteran smokers would appreciate a relaxing vibe as they won’t feel lethargic. It also causes engaged thinking, so it makes users focused and productive.

Medical Benefits of Cherry Cream Pie

The mood-boosting properties can expel the symptoms of depression and stress. It has anti-inflammatory qualities to undertake the discomfort of cramp of headaches. It is in charge of treating insomnia out of its sedative effect. Advanced smokers may need more dosage if they want to use it for sleeping disorders. It also brushed off the burden of pain and ache.

Negative Effects of Cherry Cream Pie

It can leave smokers with dry eyes, so eyedrops would help you stop this side effect. It’s a common thing when smoking weed. Although this breed won’t make one feel zoned out, it can make someone dizzy. It is what you can expect from smoking this strain.

Growing Cherry Cream Pie

It can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. It is not recommended to have it grown in a greenhouse. It’s suitable for experienced growers, or if you’re a beginner, you can ask advice or study the growing steps for this plant. They will thrive with consistent airflow. Growers should also monitor humidity on a regular basis, as this is also important for healthy growth.

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