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Cherry Chocolate Widow

Cherry Chocolate Widow

Cherry Chocolate Widow marijuana is a cannabis product from the Third Eye. Its genetic lineage comes from crossing the father Chocolate Lava (Hellfire OG crossed by Chocolate Kush and the mother Pre-95 White Widow crossed by Cherry Chemdawg. It got a quiet complex genetic lineage but never complex on how it will attack you with its impact.

Flavor and Effects of Cherry Chocolate Widow

Your favorite chocolate with a cherry on top is now with this cannabis strain. It will alter your mind and brings a tingly sensation that will heighten the spirit and mood. It’s ideal to set up some certain snacks before using this as it may cause you to want munchies. This will marginally tranquil your body that can make you doze off.

Medical Benefits of Cherry Chocolate Widow

The wide range of problems caused by anxiety, depression, and PTSD will slowly be cured by utilizing this strain. All kinds of body torments like chronic pain or muscle fits would hang no more and fill it with no more pain. If you use this in the evening, you can easily achieve sleeping in the best ways as this eases insomnia.

Negative Effects of Cherry Chocolate Widow

Dryness within the mouth and eyes will be instigated by using this strain. In case it’s your first time using this or perhaps the dosage is high enough, the opportunity caused by dizziness and paranoia may happen and hit you with it.

Growing Cherry Chocolate Widow

Soil is the medium is to be used as it can upgrade the flavor and to enhance cleaner buds as well, the best approach to use is the hydroponic method. In less unstable conditions within indoors or outdoors, this strain can be developed. Consequently, apply things like barriers or pesticides to fend off pests.