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Cherry Bubble Gum

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Cherry Bubble Gum cannabis strain is from the lineage of crossed genetics of Cherry Sunshine #4 and Bubble Gum. The nugs are in green color, hairs in a golden hue, and trichomes appeared to be like crystal.

Flavor and Effects of Cherry Bubble Gum

This strain will send cherry and bubblegum flavors amazingly. With this strain, you will be feeling relaxed, happy and euphoric. It will also lead you to be eager and able to complete a few activities. This would rarely leave you couch-locked as the end buzz and makes you lazy at some point.

Medical Benefits of Cherry Bubble Gum

This strain is renowned for its capacity to relieve pain and fatigue. The usual joint pain, spasms, muscle fits, and cramps would be no more as this lowers down and relieves the pain. It is likewise a remedy for anxiety and depression. It will tend to cure the stomach and helps in stopping nausea.

Negative Effects of Cherry Bubble Gum

You should expect dry mouth and eyes as an unfavorable effect while taking this strain, but it can be managed with drinking water immediately. When this is taken in too high proportion, it is known to cause slight anxiety and dizziness.

Growing Cherry Bubble Gum

Cherry Bubble Gum marijuana strain can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. Ensure this strain to be developed at a steady warm temperature. If you need to draw out the best effects and its potency, apply organic fertilizers and make sure that the place is out from harmful elements.