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Cherries Jubilee

Its great medicinal potency can be traced to its Indica origin. The leaves of this strain are curled to its stem when trimmed. This strain was first bred by Northwest Cannabis Solutions, located in Washington, United States of America.

The genetic make-up of this powerful strain remains unknown. However, some growers attribute the strain creation to cross-breeding Cherry OG with Cherry Kush. It has large leaves with a hue of green with orange and brown pistils. This strain has whitish trichomes, which giving it a sticky texture. It has a tart cherry aroma, and when its buds are combusted, it produces a fine smoke that smells sweet.

Flavor and Effects of Cherries Jubilee

The effects of this strain are immediately felt after the last hit. Starting from head to toe, you will feel its relaxing and soothing effects.

You will also experience cerebral stimulation after consuming this strain, which helps you to overcome mood-related problems. However, this strain will also present you with a sedating effect with an increased dose. The Cherries Jubilee strain has cherry, sweet and fruity flavours.

Medical Benefits of Cherries Jubilee

This strain has great medical potency in treating migraine, aches, chronic pain, stress, and fatigue. People suffering from attention deficit disorder, loss of appetite, and loss of memory will also find this strain very helpful.

Negative Effects of Cherries Jubilee

This strain has negative effects if abused or overused. However, the negative effects to expect from this strain are dry mouth, dizziness, headaches, and developing paranoid.

 Growing Cherries Jubilee

The growing method for this strain is indoors, and it requires fertilizer application to enhance its growth and yield. Good lighting and good weather with 70 to 80 degrees. Trimming of the leaves is recommended at least once a week.

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Excelent (9.5)

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