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This a three-way cross of Jack the Ripper, Trinity, and trainwreck. It’s quite engaging because of its appearance and unique smell of lime sherbet. It was originally bred by Subcool’s The Dank. It is for daytime use, and its usage is present in recreational activities and medical purposes.

This strain causes a surreal high, and it makes smokers feel elated and floaty. Its appearance is like green little mutants. It has buds that have rich color and texture. They’re in the hue of olive green. They’re beneath orange hair and white powdery trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Chernobyl

It is a citrusy strain that gives you the experience of having a lime sherbert or Slurpee. It comes more enjoyable with the taste of cherries and tropical sweetness.

It has various effects that stay for about three hours. The euphoria effect is strong and will keep the users wide-eyed. It will let you forget negative thoughts, and you will be motivated to pursue your goals. Experienced smokers can handle its strong effect of ripping through one’s mind to get rid of stress.

Medical Benefits of Chernobyl

People who use this train for medical reasons love its effects of invigorating and uplifting the body. It is capable of keeping people awake, even the person who sleeps like a log. So it can energize individuals who are suffering from chronic fatigue. It creates moderate relaxation with tingly sensation all over the body to treat muscle tension, cramps, and mild aches or pain.

This strain is a remedy for mental problems. People who are under depression, stress, ADHD, and bipolar are advised to take this.

Negative Effects of Chernobyl

Smokers often experience dryness of mouth and eyes. They can feel dehydrated, too, so it’s drinking water is the solution. This weed has minimal side effects for both regular smokers and newbies. It can somehow make some users dizzy, or it causes mild headaches within the period of being high. But these are seldom effects experienced by users.

Growing Chernobyl

This strain would prefer growers with experience. It grows into a tall frame, so trimming and pruning are necessary to keep it healthy. It is also a tip to ensure that you will have a good harvest. They can grow from 2 feet to 6 feet.

Both outdoor and indoor settings are manageable for this plant. Since it can grow tall, you have to watch it closely indoors, and you should trim it to control its height. You can let it stretch to enjoy the sunlight when you grow it outdoors. It is resistant to common diseases, so you won’t worry too much.

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