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This strain came to life somewhere in California and the idea is from Jamaica Seeds. It is mothered by OG Kush while its father is a rare strain from Oaxaca, Mexico. The result is the amazing potency and rapid growth. It is suitable for impatient cultivators. Its aroma and taste are both pleasant.

Its effect includes a strong cerebral buzz so it can be the weed for outdoor activities and some selected boisterous parties or concert. The consumption of this strain can be done during the day and at night when you want to do an all-nighter.

Flavor and Effects of Chemex

The flavor of this strain is approved by consumers who have a sweet tooth. The high is focused on the body and mind. You will immediately feel its effect as this strain doesn’t prefer delays. Yet, it is powerful and stimulating so it can be one of the outdoor strains.

Medical Benefits of Chemex

It can pacify the restless emotions of people who have mental conditions like stress, depression, and anxiety. Individuals who are suffering from temporary or chronic pain can find a brief relief from it. You’ll find yourself craving for food as it acts as an appetite enhancer. It will help you return to healthy eating habits.

Negative Effects of Chemex

If you don’t drink water when smoking, you will have cottonmouth and itchy eyes.

Growing Chemex

This plant thrives within outdoor and indoor cultivation. Regular monitoring includes being mindful of the amount of water and nutrients. Indoor cultivation allows you to control things. Just make sure your plants have protection against pests, molds, mildew, and diseases.

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