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Chemdog D IX-I

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It is one of the grandest pure Indica from Reservoir Seeds. If you’re an Indica fan, you must try this hybrid strain out of the combination of male and female Chemdog D Kush. You will be impressed by the balanced effect it can impart to its consumers. So you can expect a cerebral buzz from it.

But still, it’s best to use it at the end of the day. It helps you ease the stress and pressure that you endured from a busy day. You can enjoy its pleasant taste while you relax.

Flavor and Effects of Chemdog D IX-I

The flavor of this weed is not typical for pure Indica. You can get a grip on tropical and musky taste. The effect is nicely balanced, so it’s not solely on the physical aspect. But of course, you would feel the relaxing sensation that can numb and sedate you. Couchlock can be experienced too.

Medical Benefits of Chemdog D IX-I

It has pain-relieving properties that can make patients feel comfy for a temporary period. You can have this if you want to gain enough sleep due to the interference of insomnia. This strain can handle mental ailments like stress, mood swings, depression, and anxiety.

Negative Effects of Chemdog D IX-I

This weed will leave you with dry mouth and bloodshot eyes if you don’t drink water.

Growing Chemdog D IX-I

This marijuana plant is only suitable for indoor plantation. A growing tent or space should be equipped with necessary things like ventilation and lighting system. LED lights provide the warmth needed by the plants.

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