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Chem Valley Kush

Chem Valley Kush

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It’s no wonder that this hybrid strain a stong and stinging aroma. Its parents are two of the strongest in the cannabis world. It’s a cross between San Fernando Valley Kush and Chemdawg bred by Cali Connection. It absorbs its parents’ strength, so it becomes unstoppable in terms of crushing stress.

It produces small flowers attached in a popcorn-like sphere with tightly-coiled leaves. The color of the leaves is dark forest green. The pistils are curly bright red and orange. Cloudy and sticky trichomes coat the buds, so they’re not easy to break by hand.

Flavor and Effects of Chem Valley Kush

Cured flower carries an astringent scent that can remind you of gasoline fumes. There’s also a note of pine, and it further gives musky scent with a peppery kick in it. The first phase of smoking will give you a sour taste, and as you exhale, it turns out like a vinegar. To summarize its flavor, its taste goes parallel with its smell.

Since it’s Sativa dominant, it employs cerebral high. This kind of high gives invigorated and uplifted feeling. Users feel giggly and turn into a social butterfly. Moreover, it has a transition to a physical effect. It makes consumers relax with a tingly sensation.

In the physical effect, it can make the users stay active. So it would help you to stay active whenever you’re in an outdoor activity or just in your daily work out. It can solve burdensome physical problems like muscle tension.

Medical Benefits of Chem Valley Kush

Its capability to enhance mood makes it possible to relieve patients from depression and stress. It is anti-inflammatory to counterattacks the chances of headaches, cramps, and nausea. It works as an appetite stimulant too.

Negative Effects of Chem Valley Kush

There are no serious adverse effects that smokers should worry about. Even how tough it may be, but it will eventually give you dry mouth and eyes like any other weed. Some users will probably feel paranoia, dizziness, or headache. If a user’s intake is above normal, he might feel drowsy in the last phase of the effect.

Growing Chem Valley Kush

The seeds of Chem Valley Kush thrives both outdoors and indoors. You won’t regret growing this as it can give you tons of harvest. When planted indoors, you must be mindful that it can grow tall. Trimming is necessary to keep its stature manageable.

When this plant is situated outdoors, it should in the semi-humid climate. It’s comfortable with day time temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It will grow well with super cropping, LST, or other growing procedures.