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Chem Jack

Chem Jack

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Crossing Chemdawg with Jack Herer resulted in this very potent bud that is slightly sativa dominant. Chem Jack comes with a 27% THC level that is not for the faint of heart. Its buds are lime green in color, covered with brown hairs, and a decent coating of trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of Chem Jack

Chem Jack offers an aroma that is reminiscent of pine trees and sweet soil. Similarly, its flavor profile is an earthy blend of sweet soil, pine, herbs with little notes of chemicals.

This strain is a complete upper, giving smokers the desire to become creative and at the same sociable. As the high signs of progress, the indica side will take over lulling smokers into a serious nap.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Chem Jack

Chem Jack is the perfect medicinal bud for patients who need a little boost to manage their stress levels. This strain also works to lift depression and other mental difficulties. Additionally, inflammation, muscle spasms, and crams can easily be treated using this bud.

Negative Effects of Chem Jack

The side effects of this strain are mainly strong feelings of being dehydrated. This strain can make the mouth feel dry and parched as well as the eyes feel itchy and dry. These symptoms can be easily averted by making sure to have lots of water at hand.

Growing Chem Jack

The Chem Jack plant can grow tall with enormous amounts of wide branching. This means that while it thrives in both indoor and outdoor settings, one important thing it requires to reach its optimal state is enough headroom and space. Other than that, this plant is relatively easy to grow, and when done right, growers can easily enjoy an immensely heavy yield in 9 weeks time.

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