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Chem DD F3

Chem DD F3

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Chem DD F3 is a hybrid strain with a variety that leans more on the sativa side. The breeders from the Green Beanz Seeds. The several cross-breeding of the Chemdawg D has produce few seeds with various male varieties of strain. This cannabis strain is specifically from the combination of Chem DD F2 strain with a Chem DD F2 strain.

Flavor and Effects of Chem DD F3

Chem DD F3 is a strain with sweet and skunk odor and flavors. It can also have sour hints upon smoking which leaves your tongue for a while. The impact of the strain can be powerful regardless if you are a skilled and regular user. It has a very heavy stone on your body and mind which begins to sit as a subtle uplifting of mood and positive impression. After that, it heats calmness that may cause enthusiasm for food and may induce couch locking sleepiness.

Medical Benefits of Chem DD F3

The Chem DD F3 strain can provide health benefits to people seeking relief from their pain and muscle cramps. It can also help in dealing with stress and anxiety which helps improve a person’s daily life. Depression and sudden mood swings can be easily reduced to help you managed your feelings to have a better living and optimistic outlook.

Negative Effects of Chem DD F3

Drying of the mouth and redness and slight itchiness of the eyes are the few reported adverse effects of the strain which can only happen for a while. It can trigger paranoia, headache, and dizziness when the consumption is not regulated according to the tolerable dosage.

Growing Chem DD F3

The Chem DD F3 cannabis strain can be thrived and flourish either indoor or outdoor environments. It has very easy to grow characteristics which can be favorable among beginner growers. With less than 67 days, you can have a great yield by the end of the growing cycle.