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To create Cheesewreck, the Trainwreck strain was paired with the Cheese strain. The union resulted in this highly potent hybrid that sends a rush that hits fast and strong. Also referred sometimes as El Queso, this bud was bred by Seedism Seeds.

Flavor and Effects of Cheesewreck

This strain offers a pungent cheesy aroma that combines wonderfully with its sweet and fruity flavors. Its smoke, however, is found to be a little bit rough.

The strain’s high is often described as dreamy rather than intense. At its onset, an uplifting sensation hits the mind and body fast and furious. It is an incredible mood-enhancer as it is able to induce feelings of happiness and euphoria quickly. As the high signs of progress, the sense of physical relaxation kicks in. Unlike many other strains, this does not come with potent sedative-like properties so people can go about their day without feeling lazy and lethargic.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Cheesewreck

As a mood-enhancing strain, the Cheesewreck is certainly helpful for patients who are struggling to manage their stress and anxiety levels. In addition to that, this bud is also used by many doctors to treat people suffering from depression.

Negative Effects of Cheesewreck

Depending on an individual’s tolerance limits, this strain can cause mild dizziness and slight paranoia. Other than that, you will experience the usual cottonmouth and dry eyes that smoking marijuana usually offers.

Growing Cheesewreck

Cheesewreck grows indoors using hydroponics or soil mediums. However, the plant also thrives well when planted outdoors. This plant is relatively easy to grow, and the only thing that growers should look out for is its pungent odor. Growers need to install an odor eliminator while growing this strain.