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Cheese 99

Cheese 99

You will be in awe of this hybrid strain as it is the lovechild of two legendary strains, Cheese and Cinderella 99. It took Fatbush Seeds 2 years to achieve its stability and finally present it to the Cannabis community. But it’s all worth it because this is a strong-scented weed that has invigorating effects. It would be the ideal wake-and-bake strain that can help you start the day right and end it with a blast.

It gives you buds that are drenched with THC crystals that spark like diamonds. Consumers will find it hard to say no as it tastes good.

Flavor and Effects of Cheese 99

Its pleasant flavor is the presence of fruity, floral, earthy, piney and spicy taste. The invigorating effect goes with a surge of energy to make its consumers productive. There will be fresh ideas and wonderful creativity. It would also make you more sociable.

Medical Benefits of Cheese 99

It can be your medication in appeasing the symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, mood swings, PTSD and other mood-related health conditions. It can stop nauseous feeling while it deals with eating disorders. So people have hope to return to their normal eating habits after taking this weed.

Negative Effects of Cheese 99

Users can have dry mouth and dry eyes when they don’t drink water when smoking.

Growing Cheese 99

It can be cultivated both outdoors and indoors but it does well in open soil. It is a compact marijuana plant so it can help you with secrecy and saving grow space. It will develop well with the Sea of Green method.