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CBD Shark

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It is one of the strains that possess high cannabinoid content. It has an equal ratio of THC to CBD, which makes it medically useful for smokers. It’s not overwhelming nor intoxicating, but it is a perfect remedy for pain or aches. Shark Shock and another unnamed strain were used to the completion of this breed. It’s a conventional medicine that can be enjoyed in the evening.

Flavor and Effects of CBD Shark

It has a savory aroma from sweet fruit with some earthy garlic, and the flavor is a sweet fruit mingled with garlic. The exhale tastes like herbal tea. The effects gradually move together with uplifting sensation. Consumers stay happy and blissful while the body effect sets in. It has a calming sensation that makes users relaxed and lazy but not lethargic.

Medical Benefits of CBD Shark

It lessens the infliction of any kind of pain as well as inflammation. It can give support to people with insomnia to be calm and get a night of quality sleep. It provides thorough relaxation for people who are bugged by depression, anxiety, PTSD, and stress.

Negative Effects of CBD Shark

This strain turns eyes and throat dry, and it can cause dizziness too.

Growing CBD Shark

With its Indica stature, this plant is sturdy, so beginners can challenge themselves. It needs topping and training to encourage lateral growth. Trimming and pruning improve air circulation to prevent the plant from mold and mildew. It can flourish indoors and outdoors with a daytime temperature of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.