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CBD Rich Blessing

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CBD Rich Blessing was bred by Bodhi Seeds. A cannabis strain steeped in medicinal cannabis heredity. Created by joining the famous ACDC strain and the creator of the Good Medicine Project Harlequin x Appalachia, this strain is a combined THC/CBD strain that masterfully balances potency and functionality.

CBD Rich Blessing has been identified to pop both THC-rich and CBD-dominant phenotypes that emit a delightful fragrance of woody and floral terpenes. Enjoy this strain to improve mood and savor every moment of any social gatherings.

Flavor and Effects of CBD Rich Blessing

This strain has a sweet brush of herbal taste with woody floral flavor. A relaxing lifted effect that casually eases your mind into a happy, euphoric state, leaving a calm, pacifying radiance that transcends you into the zone.

Medical Benefits of CBD Rich Blessing

This strain caters to mental troubles head-on. Depression and stress vanish away, and indications of ADHD or PTSD can also be relieved. Physical pain, including headaches and cramps, as well as muscle contractions and inflammation, can be easily alleviated by CBD Rich Blessing’s potent effects.

Negative Effects of CBD Rich Blessing

CBD Rich Blessing may also cause the dryness of the user’s eyes and a mouth that will make you feel itchy. Users are recommended to take a lot of water before and after every session to avoid dehydration.

Growing CBD Rich Blessing

This strain’s growth takes between 7 and 10 weeks to completely mature. Both indoor and outdoor cultivation will serve this strain just fine. Although it does not grow higher than the average marijuana height, the plant requires some trimming and is also sensitive to pests and fungus.